How To Effectively Market Your House for Sale In Chandigarh?

In the fastest growing real estate industry, it is essential for potential sellers to understand that marketing plays an important role when putting up your house for sale in Chandigarh. Advertising your homes becomes simpler if you are able to identify the present market of real estate. It is categorized that agents are inclined towards putting a lot more money and working into the listings of selling when arcade transition from seller to purchaser’s market.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a real estate agent or owner of the property as when you put up a property for sale, aim is to sell it that too in shortest period. You should know that putting up house on sale requires extra attention. Probably, even after integrating efficient marketing strategy doesn’t help but it at least will force buyers to call you.

If we confer about the marketing strategies these days, then there is no shortage of different ways. In fact, it has become easier for agents and home owners to promote the property online. It is not easy to get right in front of the audience takes time unless you are an agent investor or owner with a big platform online.

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So, if you want to get effective results through marketing after you plan to put up your house for sale, then here are certain tips:

  • Photograph the front

A lot of home purchasers initiate their search of house for sale in Chandigarh online so it is essential to post good photos. If you think that listings without photographs will work, then it is not possible as such ads are ignored. Also, ensure not ignoring the exterior shots.

To make it look much better than your competitors you must crop out the sidewalks and streets. Make sure to take away the vehicles from your driveway and front of the property. You should keep note of one thing that shade is not falling on the house as it can ruin the complete picture and may lead to turnoff for a buyer.

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  • Price it correctly

Another important tip to sell your home is pricing it in a correct way from day one. Don’t overprice it just because you see others do the same. It is something very challenging so it is essential to evaluate the home strengths and weaknesses. Ensure comparing similar home, examining the surrounding market and pricing it to sell at a good price in a timely manner.

If you think pricing high for your house would help selling it fast, then just give it a try and you will see it sitting in the market for months without selling. So, do your research and then price your house correctly.

  • Be ready for negotiation

You should be prepared for negotiation while putting up your house for sale in Chandigarh as undoubtedly the client will try their best to come down from the listed price. By negotiation here we don’t mean that you have to negotiate at very less. It’s just you must be ready to bargain if you think that offered price is fair as per the current market. Make sure that you don’t act like a stubborn individual as this won’t help you in selling your house.

Final words

100 makaan is one of the excellent real estate service providers in town. If you think that putting up and selling your house for sale in Chandigarh will be difficult for you, then you must try teaming up with them. They make sure that the customer is satisfied with their services and never compromise on understanding your requirements.

Things You Must Consider before Buying 4 BHK Flats in Zirakpur

Planning to invest in a 4BHK flats in Zirakpur is one of the most important decisions that you will be making in your life or probably you have been nurturing the idea since you were very young. You cannot let go the years of saving and planning when it comes to making an appropriate decision. It is essential for you to keep an account of every point and probable risks before initiating the leap and make a choice.

 You need to be extra cautious as purchasing a house also involves taking a massive amount of loan that is followed by monthly installments flowing out of your income. There comes a time when you think of throwing away money on rent and plan to buy a house or flat. Buying a flat frequently includes shelling out a relevant amount of an individual’s hard-earned money. For majority of individuals, this may not be enough to meet the house price and remaining amount you can pay through loan.

In a lot of cases, EMIs on loan leads to taking away all the portion of borrower’s monthly income. It is important for you to make an investment securely with so much at stake.

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Following are things which you need to consider when buying 4 BHK flats:

  • Property price

Fixing a budget is one of the main things which you need to consider before buying 4 BHK flats in Zirakpur. It is recommended because this way you will be able to shortlist the flat or apartment according to your pocket. It is better to evaluate the property price and to get a better comprehension what all you can do is questioning the people around like builders so that you are clear about your builder offering you genuine quotation.

Various ways are there from where you can easily achieve prices that are competitive in the area you are looking for. You can surf the sources like portal listings, area brokers and newspaper listings.

  • Land record

The land on which your flat is erected is very vital. It is better that you research about the quality of soil and land topography. Make sure that the flat you are going to buy is clear of all dues and is registered legally. Everything should be verified and checked in detail before you buy the flat or apartment. The legal document is essential because it provides you all the details on ownership, obligations and rights towards the property.

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  • Builder- buyer agreement

When you choose a flat as per your requirements, you can book it instantly by giving the token money and once you do it, allotment letter is provided to you. There is an agreement known as tripartite which is initiated between the purchaser, bank and builder for the remaining amount.

So, when it is done make sure you ready the details carefully and understand them. You should be clear out by yourself when it comes to agreement clauses and if you cannot then it is better you raise the point beforehand.

Final Words

When you plan to buy 4BHK flats in Zirakpur it is important that you are aware of real estate market. It is suggested because you have to keep everything in mind like current price trend. Purchasing a flat is one of the major steps in your life; though you should consider each of these points before sealing the deal.

If you are unable to find a way out then you must associate with real estate services like 100 makaan as they have been dealing in the property related services since long. They can assist you with everything.

How Do You know When You Have Found The Right House For Sale In Chandigarh?

Finding and purchasing the right house can be a long and complex procedure if you are going to buy it for the first time. If you intend to purchase house for sale in Chandigarh , then it is imperative for you to create a checklist through initiating proper research. You will find it very useful for your search. It is important to understand your needs and learn where compromise is easier and where you need to follow the wishes sternly.

Choosing the perfect home is not only a big decision but also an intricate task. If we talk monetarily, then it is one of the relevant decisions that you are going to make ever. It is no wonder that several purchasers end up with biting their nails when they have to be sure of whether the buy is right or not.

If you plan move in too quickly then you will be risking your entire budget on the house that is not right for you. On the other hand, if you will keep waiting for long, then you may lose your chance to finding the house of your dreams.

So, how would you know that if you have found the right property or not? Have a look at following aspects:

  • Find a reliable agent

Certainly, you can look around through ads online and walk around all the available options on internet. But, it is essential for you to remember that best properties are always something which real estate agencies can help you out with. When you plan to buy house for sale in Chandigarh , then it is essential that you associate with professional realtors.

If you think that boxes you use to filter great results then they are not going to help you like a realtor does. Real estate services not only help you to save time but also show you the properties they know are appropriate for you.

The best part of picking up a realtor agency is that they have negotiation skills and ensures that their client obtains an amazing deal.

  • Location

It seems easier that you can drive longer distance for work on regular basis, but in reality it is something which is improbable. Just think of repeating the same routine every day, you will get to know how tough it is going to be.

When you feel that you have found the perfect location as per your needs, you instantly are prepared to make an offer. The only requirement is that you have to ensure checking the neighborhood and confirm the transportation availability. Keep your family schedules in mind to evaluate the distance for work and school. You also need to figure out the upsides and downsides of living in a countryside or urban area. 

  • Discover the house

You need to think of every probable thing you never liked in your previous property. Basically, you have to make the comparison between these two. Most of the times, people plan to shift mainly because of upgrading the space so if that is your requirement as well, then you have to focus on the aspect.

In case, if planning to shift because of neighborhood, then make sure to explore around. Other than this, be ready for compromises and plan for renovations if possible. Don’t give up on a property because of certain things.

  • Try visualizing yourself living there

When you decide buying the house, it is essential that you try to visualize yourself living there. However, if you have been intending to purchase house for sale in Chandigarh, then it is relevant for you to consider this point. Eventually, always keep one thing in mind that it is just not about the decorations only but also about reminiscences you will be making.


Home purchase is one of the toughest decisions in an individual life. So, if you plan to purchase house for sale in Chandigarh then you must keep certain things in mind aforementioned. It is recommended so that you don’t have to regret later with the thought of not making the decision right.

Pros Of Investing In Commercial Property For Sale In Zirakpur

Have you ever planned to invest in commercial property for sale in Zirakpur ? No? Then surely, you must opt for it if you are thinking to invest somewhere. It is seen that when it comes to property investment, most of the investors prefer residential realty. However, according to the current volatility on Wall Street, it is evaluated that current vogue is of investing in commercial property.

Commercial realty investment has been a striking investment for a long time flourishing even in booms and recessions. It is also analyzed that this kind of investment has managed to become one of the profitable ventures for small investors. The main reason is because of its efficient enhanced returns compared to residential realty investment.

The commercial real estate includes three major areas which are retail, office and industrial property. It comes with different risks and rewards.

Have a look at some of the reasons to invest in this kind of property:

  • Higher income potential

Commercial property investment is beneficial in higher income potential. It is due to the property size and number of tenant’s commercial property can hold. The annual return of investment is much higher than any other kind of investment like stock dividends. 

So, if you plan to invest then consider commercial property for sale in Zirakpur because properties that is of multi-family is identified to be at the lower end.

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  • Cash flow is equal to higher equity potential

Much of the equity erected in commercial property is augmented through leveraging. It means the use of borrowed capital to make an investment with the expectation of attaining high profits than payable interest.  

By investing in commercial real estate, you can put down the small percentage of purchase price on a specific realty, invest in remainder and carry on with investment in more properties similarly.

Realty leveraging allows you to take pleasure in higher return on investment than purchasing outright.

  • Tenants means less risk

If you are worried that commercial realty investment will land you in income loss then you are mistaken because multiple occupancy buildings means more tenants and they contribute in covering your operating costs. On the other hand, the case is completely opposite if you invest in residential real estate.

As commercial property leases are NNN, tenants are also liable for the major property expenses, additionally to their base rent such as net taxes, net building expenses and net common area maintenance fees.

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  • Security benefit

Commercial real estate promises value for land and the property improvements like landscaping, infrastructure and structures. Also, it doesn’t work like stocks, bonds and other investment forms. In addition the requirements for CRE are reasonably steady which includes service industries, storage production and housing complexes.

If you intend for commercial property investment then try getting in touch with professionals as they can assist you with choosing the best location and property within your wished area to increase advantage.

  • Amazing appreciation value

Stock investments are something which doesn’t permit for much more than purchasing and selling based on the market whereas commercial property owners can easily invest in improvements on their properties. The only requirement is fulfilling the regulations and approval of local governments.

If you are planning to invest in commercial property for sale in Zirakpur, then you must go on with the idea. It will assist you in modernizing the property, raising rents, restyling interior or exterior and even applying for a zoning modification. Increase in prices also contributes to add up the value for existing properties.


When you consider investing in commercial property for sale in Zirakpur just keep in mind that you are opening up a good scope for you. The income and equity prospective of commercial real estate investment is much larger which you cannot overlook.

So, make sure to go through the benefits involved with this kind of investment discussed above.

Steps To Buy 3 BHK Flat For Sale In Zirakpur

If you have been planning to buy a 3 BHK flat for sale Zirakpur , then certainly you have a smaller space and are upgrading. But, there are various things which you need to know about buying home. Since you will be investing for the first-time, it is essential for you to ensure getting some priorities right so that you can get the finest property in your available budget.

It is imperative for you to know that purchasing a 3BHK in Zirakpur is linked to your efforts and time investment. So, in any case, this is going to be the solely huge investment of your entire life. The apartment must be giving you the feel of spending your whole life in it.

In brief, it must meet your requirements according to location, facilities, space and internal specifications. Hence, if you are intending for property buy in Zirakpur, you might obtain profits from the following steps:

  • Defining your needs

If you have decided to buy 3 BHK flat for sale Zirakpur , probably there are personal or professional reasons. Whatever the case may be, it is significant that the complete process of buying home should be based on the clear idea of what truly you require.

It is essential that you take a decision about the desired square footage of your flat, what type of locality you are looking for, whether you want lower floor or top floor, parking requirements, lifestyle facilities and etc.

  • Checking your finances

When you plan to buy a flat, it is evident that your savings might or might not be enough. If you think that there is a shortfall, it is better to opt for the home loan or any of the monetarily options like mortgages or gold loan.

You can also get in touch with your banker to evaluate the EMIs for your loan. Make sure it meets your present situation and in future it should be same as well. Keep in mind that longer home loan means less EMIs with high interest rates. So, make the decision accordingly.

  • Deal closing with your real estate developer

After the financial issues have been worked out and have discovered your dream home, you can opt to close the deal with your real estate developer by ensuring that booking amount has been paid. It also includes the initiation of other process which includes various legalities.

  • Understanding the legalities

As discussed earlier, numbers of legalities are there for which you may have to consult with a solicitor. A legal advisor can assist you and provide professional opinion on several documents and their adequateness. The experts are aware of the complexities involved with purchasing a property like 3BHK flat for sale in Zirakpur.


By keeping in mind these basic steps, you can anticipate to make a pleasing purchasing decision of 3BHK flat for sale in Zirakpur. Always remember to choose a prevalent brand when it comes to real estate developers or agents to reduce half of your stress.